Petrol prices should be set for a drop of around £10 in the next couple of weeks according to an AA expert.

As reported by The Express earlier this week, Luke Bosdet, AA’s fuel price spokesperson, commented on the price changes and how they would impact drivers.

He said: “Wholesale petrol’s trajectory, if sustained, would lead to savings of a tenner off a tank from the record highs – providing the fuel trade is prepared to pass them on. 

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“So far this morning, even with oil rebounding, wholesale petrol remains below 80.5p a litre.

“The problem is that, in many places, the price cuts are quite simply not happening despite more than six weeks of falling costs."

The RAC said the average price that retailers pay to buy petrol has fallen by 17p per litre from the start of June, but pump prices have only dropped by “a paltry 4p”.

An investigation led by the RAC found that only about 4% of forecourts are charging below 180p per litre for petrol.

Four-out-of-five of those are independent sites, with the rest owned by either supermarkets or oil companies.

More than three-quarters of the 5% of filling stations selling diesel for less than 190p per litre are independently-owned.

Due to petrol prices having been at high levels for months on end, demonstrations are set to take place today (Friday, July 22) on roads such as the M4, M5, M32 and A38.

An image posted on Facebook group Fuel Price Stand Against Tax suggests demonstrations will be held “nationwide”, including in Birmingham, Cardiff, Liverpool, London and Manchester.