With Father’s Day just around the corner, many of us will be struggling to find the perfect gift for the day.

With Father’s Day this Sunday (June 20) time is running out to find the perfect gift and with everyone tightening their purse strings due to the pandemic, money saving tips are worth their weight in gold.

The team at money-saving website www.offeroftheday.co.uk have compiled a list of their top tips for how to save money and make the most out of giving this Father’s Day, from going in a combined gift with your siblings through to cooking his favourite dish.

Here are five top tips for getting the perfect Father’s Day gift:

Team up with your siblings

Team up with your siblings to pool all your gift money together to get something bigger – you might each have £20 but together that could be £40, £60 or even more – and you can always buy nicer treats with a bigger pile of money.

With a lot of people taking home improvements to the next level, it might be nice to him them something he’s been eyeing up but might be hesitant to buy due to the price.

Additionally, with travel now becoming a possibility, it might be nice to book them a short city break, a glamping staycation or even a ticket to his favourite attraction.

Opt for an experience day

It has been a long time since we’ve all been able to get out and about to do different activities and a lot of families have been separated due to the pandemic, so opting for an experience day rather than a physical gift not only allows you all to get out the house, but also allows you to be able to spend quality time together.

How about a gift from their best friend?

Working from home has meant that a lot of people have been spending far more time with their pets than they usually would, so a really nice idea would be to get a card or even a small gift from their small, four-legged best friend.

Treat them to something personalised

This one is especially great for all the new dads out there; getting something personalised, such as a keyring or a photo frame from their newborn, is something they will treasure forever, especially if it’s their first Father’s Day.

But it doesn’t have to be a first,  grandparents love presents off their grandkids, and just generally a nice personalised gift says you’ve put thought and effort into what you’ve purchased (or made).

Get something funny

We all know it hasn’t been the happiest year with various lockdowns and what not, so gifting your father figure something funny is definitely going to lift his spirits. Anything from a funny card to personalised items can all be made with the novelty factor that will put a smile on their face.

Make it a celebration

Taking it one step further from the generic card and present we all usually go for, and instead consider decorating the house and make it a full-blown celebration. Get some Father’s Day balloons and banners, try (and maybe fail) at making a homemade cake, cook his favourite dish and make the day even more memorable, especially for those who haven’t been able to see their families in such a long time.

If you are still struggling to find the perfect gift for Father’s Day, Offer of the Day have a range of gifts available on their website.  

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