A SUSPICIOUS male has been seen approaching women near an industrial estate.

Police in the New Forest have been made aware of a male approaching women in Fawley Inclosure, behind Hardley Industrial Estate.

Officers were first notified of the male from reports on social media.

A male matching his description was later stopped and spoken to in the same area yesterday.

He was given advice about "how he conducts himself in public" and his details were taken by police.

Officers say there is not believed to be any risk to members of the public but are encouraging people to report any suspicious behaviour.

A Hampshire Police spokesperson said: "Without your reports it makes it difficult for us to be able to respond to such incidents. Fortunately a member of the public attended the station today to notify us he was there and of the posts circulating on social media which had gone unreported to police.

"If you were involved in any of these incidents please get in touch."

Police can be contacted on 101 or on the Hampshire Constabulary website.