A PROPOSAL to enlarge an "iconic" New Forest cottage has been withdrawn by the applicant.

The New Forest National Park Authority (NPA) is no longer studying an application relating to Woodside in Church Lane, Burley.

The applicant had sought consent for two-storey side and rear extensions, an outbuilding and external alterations.

But Burley Parish Council urged the NPA to reject the plans.

It said: "This development would impact upon the historic character and setting of the property to a serious degree, undermining its identity as an iconic New Forest cottage."

The application also sparked two letters of objection from neighbours.

One objector said: "Woodside is a typical Forest property. The plans, as submitted, will change the character and facade of the dwelling completely. It will be out of keeping with adjacent cottages."

Another added: "The proposed outbuilding seems inordinately large, raising the possibility it could be used as additional accommodation."