A PLANNING application relating to a large industrial site has been approved - despite complaints about the noise made by lorries and machinery.

A proposal submitted by one of the firms based at the 41-acre Eling Wharf in Totton has been given the go-ahead.

Associated Pallets Ltd has received consent to permanently retain a pallet storage building near homes in Eling Lane, which borders the wharf.

It comes just weeks after members of a newly-formed action group aired a long list of complaints about activity at the site.

As reported in the Daily Echo protesters say "disruptive” issues faced by Eling residents include:

Loud noise created by heavy machinery, vehicles travelling over uneven ground at all hours and warning sounds made by container-stacking equipment.

Light pollution caused by floodlights, lighting gantries and office lights left on all night.

Anti-social behaviour by businesses, including the use of pneumatic nail guns and lorry tyres being changed in the middle of the night.

The Associated Pallets application was opposed by ward councillor David Harrison, who said the storage building was too close to homes.

But the proposal has been approved by New Forest District Council.

A report to members said two objectors had complained about the visual impact of the building, the noise and disturbance caused by vehicle movements and the adverse impact on the character of the area.

But the report pointed out that the land occupied by Associated Pallets was part of a much larger site.

It added: "The building is within an established working wharf, where such development can be considered acceptable in principle, subject to there being no undue adverse impacts in respect of amenity or on the character and appearance of the surrounding area.

"The building has now been in use for approximately15 years without demonstrable detriment."

The application was not opposed by the council's environmental health department, which said certain items of equipment were due to be moved to another building.