AN award-winning company has sailed to the rescue of a Hampshire hospice that often struggles to keep its cool.

Sanders Sails has devised an ingenious solution after being told that part of Oakhaven Hospice, Lymington, "feels like a greenhouse" on hot summer days.

The Coates Centre, a drop-in centre known as The Hub, tends to heat up in good weather.

Now Oakhaven has been given three triangular sails that form a nine-pointed sail, diffusing the sunlight and making the facility feel cooler.

Last year Sanders Sails donated a huge amount of PPE to hospitals, health authorities and care homes as well as supplying "cuddle curtains", enabling families to safely hug their loved ones.

But the Lymington-based company also agreed to Oakhaven deal with a hot topic.

A hospice spokesperson said: "Anyone who visits the Coates Centre remarks on what a light and airy space it is.

"The Hub is where visitors can sit, have a cuppa and find support if they're living with life-limiting illness or coping with bereavement.

"It boasts full-length glass windows looking out on to the gardens and a huge skylight in its ceiling.

"The skylight provides welcome light during winter months but in bright sunshine The Hub can heat up like a greenhouse."

Oakhaven's wellbeing co-ordinator, Louise Martin, contacted Sanders Sails and spoke to the managing director, Peter Sanders.

The spokesperson said: "He was more than happy to help and between lockdowns visited the centre to see the skylight and do some measuring.

"Peter’s ingenious solution took the form of three triangular sails. When fixed into the skylight recess they form a nine-pointed star, diffusing the light and making The Hub feel cooler on sunny days."

Louise added: "I am absolutely thrilled with our star. It certainly has a wow factor as well as being so practical.

"Sanders Sails generosity will make a huge difference for visitors when they use the centre.

“Peter and Sanders Sails are the real stars, having done so much over the past year through their mammoth contribution to protect healthcare workers.

“We’re so grateful for their help.”


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