TWO axes and a knife were found in a Hampshire street during the latest police crackdown on crime involving blades.

Hampshire police took part in a week-long operation called Operation Sceptre, during which people could surrender knives and other sharp objects without any action being taken against them.

Officers also searched for blades as well as giving talks at schools and providing bins where knives could be deposited.

Police in the Lymington and New Milton area collected a total of 17 blades during the week.

Posting on Facebook, Lymington and New Milton PCSO Alan McCaffery expressed his shock at finding two axes and knife in a location “readily available” to anyone including children.

He said: “There are no excuses for this.

“Can you imagine if the children of that residential location were to have come across these? To whoever owns them, shame on you. This is so irresponsible.

"If you think you will be getting them back think again. They have been appropriated by me lawfully due to the circumstances.”

Officers patrolling the Waterside area carried out a stop and search which resulted in a knife being found in the back of a car.

A man was detained for an unrelated burglary involving knives as well as driving while disqualified and with no insurance.