PEOPLE living near a large industrial site say they are being plagued by late-night noise and bright lights shining into their bedrooms.

Totton residents claim their quality of life has suffered since Associated British Ports (ABP) bought the 41-acre Eling Wharf from Bert Boulton Holdings in 2018.

Campaigners have formed an action group in a bid to raise awareness and support.

They say “disruptive” issues faced by Eling residents include:

Loud noise caused by heavy machinery, vehicles travelling over uneven ground at all hours and warning sounds made by container-stacking equipment.

Light pollution caused by floodlights, lighting gantries and office lights left on all night.

Anti-social behaviour by businesses based on the site, including the use of pneumatic nail guns and truck tyres being changed in the middle of the night.

Damage to kerbs, pavements and garden walls caused by lorries being "misdirected" to the Eling Lane entrance to the wharf.

A residents’ spokesperson said: “We are now living opposite a 41-acre industrial and manufacturing site.

“One resident rang New Forest District Council in tears at disruptive noise and was simply told to record a two-week noise diary. She was forced to sleep in a back bedroom.

“Dust from vehicles travelling over uneven ground has left residents feeling they can no longer keep front windows open.”

Residents say noisy businesses should not be based beside homes at Eling Lane.

They are also seeking a ban on lights being left on all night, regular air quality checks and action to ensure lorry drivers are always directed to the main entrance.

Other demands include a 5mph speed limit to reduce the “clattering sound” made by trucks travelling over rough ground.

A council spokesperson said: "Our environmental protection team has received a complaint relating to a number of issues at Eling Wharf which include noise, light and dust.

"As is usual with our procedures, we are currently investigating.

"Issues outside the scope of the team will be raised with the relevant agencies and they will also be communicating any issues directly with ABP."
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An ABP spokesperson added: “We value good relations with our neighbours and will continue to engage with local residents to understand how we can work together most effectively to ensure that business occupations at Eling Wharf cause minimal disruption.

“Eling Wharf plays a considerable role in providing local opportunities.

“The majority of tenants have been on site for many years prior to ABP’s purchase of the location and we have turned down requests for new operations where we feel there may be an unacceptable impact to our neighbours.

“We have invested significant time and resources in making the site safer for tenants and visitors.

“We have placed noise barriers alongside Eling Lane, undertaken landscaping around the boundary of the site and removed speed humps at the request of residents.”