THIS IS the moment fly-tippers dumped a large amount of household waste in a Hampshire businessman’s skip - in full view of security cameras.

A man and his female companion targeted one of the units on a Totton industrial estate after turning up in a van full of junk.

They proceeded to unload the vehicle and throw the contents into a skip that had been hired by businessman David McClure.

The unscrupulous pair were caught on CCTV as they filled the large metal container with a variety of rubbish.

They spent more than ten minutes transferring the waste, which included a toilet seat, several mattresses and a large headboard from a bed.

The man made no attempt to hide his identity although the woman kept her hood up. The van’s registration number is clearly visible.

After struggling to remove a double mattress from the vehicle they left it propped up against the skip before casually driving away.

Mr McClure, who runs Series 4 on the Calmore Industrial Estate, has alerted Hampshire police and New Forest District Council.

He said: “It beggars belief. I paid £350 for that skip only for two other people to fill it themselves, which means we can’t use it.

“The rubbish includes bank statements, P45s and council correspondence. I’ve also found a bank statement and a polling card which had been sent to an address in Southampton.

“I don’t know if they were dumping their own rubbish or whether it was the product of house clearance.”

A statement on the district council ‘s website says: “We will investigate all fly-tipping incidents for evidence to help us find the person responsible so we can prosecute them.

“You are responsible for ensuring rubbish is disposed of safely and legally once it leaves your home.

“If you use a private company ask the company what they will do with your waste and if they are a licensed waste carrier.

“If your waste ends up fly-tipped by a third party, and you are unable to show you took reasonable steps to prevent it, you could face an unlimited fine or up to five years in prison.”

A police spokesperson confirmed that officers had received a report of fly-tipping on the industrial estate.