A DRIVER caught speeding on the M27 was travelling at 131mph - the highest speed recorded by Hampshire police last year.

The motorist was hurtling along the motorway at almost twice the speed limit when he was clocked by police near junction two at Ower.

Thousands of drivers were also caught speeding on other parts of the M27.

The eastbound stretch of the motorway between junctions four and five saw the highest number of offenders, with 10,204 last year.

Excessive speeds were also recorded in other parts of the south.

Two drivers were caught travelling at 121mph, one on the M3 and another on the A331 at Blackwater Valley relief road, Farnborough.

Lockdown resulted in far fewer people using the roads last year.

A total of 601 drivers were caught speeding in April, compared to 7,375 in the same month the previous year.

The total number of speeding offences dropped from 89,438 in 2019 to 65,214 last year as a huge percentage of the population stayed sat home.

Alex Kindred of Confused.com, which obtained the figures under freedom of information laws, said: "It’s worrying to think that many people took advantage of quieter roads during lockdown to ramp up the speed.

‘Speed limits are in place for a reason – to keep road users and pedestrians safe.

“If you’re caught speeding, you could be paying out up to 175 per cent of your weekly income – this could be up to £1,000 for some drivers, or £2,500 on a motorway.

"Stick to the limit and avoid a hefty fine."