POLICE say drivers are continuing to flout the speed limit on a road where four ponies were killed.

The ponies died in a single-vehicle accident at Roger Penny Way, between Brook and Godshill, on New Year's Eve.

The driver was complying with the 40mph speed limit.

But police checks carried out in the wake of the accident showed that many other motorists were ignoring the restriction.

The latest speed enforcement operation has confirmed that the limit is still being exceeded. At least one person was doing 60mph.

A police spokesman said: "The absolute limit is 40mph. Any more and you will receive a fine, (penalty) points or a trip to court."

Meanwhile the New Forest Verderers have published the latest weekly list of animal accidents.

A mare was hit by a vehicle on the B3055 Latchmoor to Brockenhurst road, despite wearing a reflective collar.

The animal was so badly injured it had to be humanely destroyed by one of the agisters employed to deal with day-to-day problems involving the Forest's free-roaming animals.

A pony was reported to have been involved in an accident on the C10 road at Picket Post, near Ringwood.

A search was carried out but the animal could not be found.