NOW that we are all in lockdown it’s easy to imagine a huggable furry friend keeping us company.

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic animal shelters are seeing a bigger demand than ever before as people look to find their perfect pet, Dogs Trust saw a 66-per-cent call rise in 2020 compared to 2019. 

Chief executive of Dogs Trust, Owen Sharp said: “It's no surprise that during the pandemic there has been a huge demand for dogs, as more people have been at home with time to care for a new family member, of the canine kind. 

“We saw a 66% increase in calls from members of the public looking to rehome from us in 2020 compared to 2019. 

“Owning a dog is an absolutely wonderful thing, but it's also a big responsibility. Before embarking on the exciting journey of welcoming a four-legged friend into your life, it's really important to think about what life is like now and what it will be like in the future.”

 In Southampton there are lots of pets in need of rehoming - could you be the perfect family to provide a loving forever home to one of these animals?


New Forest Post:

Three-year-old Greyhound Barry is need of a kind and loving home. 

This big boy is an ex-racer who has lived most of his life in kennels so adjusting to a new life in a home with humans has taken some adjustment. 

"Who knew eating sandwiches off the worktop and table wasn’t acceptable? ... It was news to me!"

A lovable boy he can be quite affectionate once he has built a bond with someone. However, he has his own mind and doesn't like people who are over friendly or too hands-on. 

Ideally Barry's new owner will have patience and respect for his space and let him come to you. 

He is looking for a home as an only pet with adults only and a big garden. As an ex-racer he has lots of enrgy and is a joy to walk, he wears a muzzle happily. 

Find out more on the Blue Cross website. 


New Forest Post:

Sweet little Dusty is a two-year-old short haired cautious cat. 

She was very scared of humans to begin with, but with lots of patience she is now comfortable to be around her foster carer but still does not enjoy being touched.

Her new owners will need to be patient and accepting of this and not expect too much from her.

In her new home Dusty will need a quiet room she can call her own, ideally the home will also be quiet with not too much ocming and going. 

Her new owner will need to take the pressure off and gradually gain my trust through tasty treats and toys.

Rehoming Dusty will take patience and a lot of love but with this the journey will be equally rewarding as she will gradually come out of her shell and grow in confidence. 

Find out more on the website.

Cookies and Cream

New Forest Post:

Cookies and Cream are a pair of beautiful sisters looking to find a home together. 

The bonded pair of Dwarf Lop rabbits enjoy being out of their hutch and can live with school age children. 

It's easy to win this pair's attention if you have plenty of treats on hand  however they don't like suffen movements or loud noises. 

Find out more about rehoming Cookies and Cream on the Blue Cross website.

Panda and Rosie

New Forest Post:

Another pair in need of a loving forever home are these black and white guinea pigs Panda and Rosie.

Both guineas are one-year-old and very sweet and friendly. 

Panda is the most confident of the two who likes to investigate everything whilst Rosie is a little more shy but enjoys being held - especially if you have treats. 

They are outdoor guinea pigs who are looking for a similar set up in their new homes - ideally with grass to much on during sunny days. 

Find out more on the website.


New Forest Post:

One-year-old snowy has been on a right old journey, but now she's looking for a loving home to settle down in.

She enjoys chasing after balls, hunting a feather rod toy or doing zoomies across the home and although she has some balance and coordination issues she won't let it get in her way.

She loves watching wildlife and would really like a secure garden of her own that she can explore once she has settled in the home.

She is better suited to a home with no other animals, so she can get all of the attention from my humans that she deserves.

Find out more on the Blue Cross.