PLANS to enlarge a house in the New Forest National Park have been rejected.

The National Park Authority (NPA) has refused to support an application to build an extension to Honeysuckle Cottage at Hungerford Hill, Hyde.

A report to NPA members said the proposed development would make the property too big.

The report said planning policies aimed to restrict the size of rural homes to safeguard the character of the New Forest as well as ensuring the area had a balanced housing stock.

It added: "The New Forest is subject to intense development pressure.

"Its location and accessibility has led to house prices being the highest of any of the national parks. It is clear that unless firmly controlled, the wish of residents to enlarge their properties would result in the Forest becoming an area of substantial houses, an outcome which is undesirable on two counts.

"Smaller dwellings, such as the application site, contribute to the character and local distinctiveness of the national park, and a range and mix of sizes provides for a balance in available housing stock."