PLANS for a new sports facility at a Hampshire military are being opposed by the Environment Agency.

Civic chiefs have received an application to build a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) at McMullen Barracks - part of the 225-acre Marchwood Military Port.

But the Environment Agency has lodged an objection, saying the application fails to include a Flood Risk Assessment (FRA).

In a letter to New Forest District Council it says: "The application site lies within Flood Zones 2 and 3, which is land described as having a high and medium probability of flooding.

New Forest Post:

"National Planning Policy Framework states that an FRA must be submitted when development is proposed for such locations.

"An FRA is vital to making informed planning decisions. In its absence the flood risks posed by the development are unknown. This is sufficient reason for refusing planning permission.

"To overcome our objection the applicant should submit an FRA which demonstrates that the development is safe without increasing risk elsewhere. Where possible it should reduce flood risk overall.

"If this cannot be achieved we are likely to maintain our objection."

Marchwood Military Port, also known as the Sea Mounting Centre, occupies a huge site on the western shores of Southampton Water.

Since 2016 it has been run by a civilian operator, Solent Gateway, which has leased the facility from the Ministry of Defence under a 35-year agreement.

New Forest Post:

Last year Solent Gateway was given permission to build a new top-security compound inside the base.

The company, which said the storage area was needed for “national security purposes”, was also given consent to install state-of-the-art security cameras around the edge of the new facility.

The precise purpose of the compound was not revealed in Solent Gateway’s planning application to the district council.

A company spokesman said: “It will be up to the MoD to decide what will be stored there. However, I can confirm it will not be explosives or ammunition.

“It is standard practice on MoD sites to cater for differing security requirements."