THIS is the array of potential weapons found by police carrying out searches in two Hampshire towns.

Officers have been scouring Lymington and New Milton as part of Operation Sceptre, a nationwide week of action aimed at tackling knife crime.

A number of discarded tools and knives were found at a facility used by the public.

Posting on social media a police officer said: "My team has been out doing a knife and weapon sweep in open spaces.

"The New Milton team searched Fawcetts Field and located the items in the undergrowth. Although rusty these could have been potentially used to cause injury.

"Lymington are still out searching the area behind the town hall."

In an earlier post police said: "Both Lymington and and Milton teams worked alongside British Transport and Dorset police on a joint operation tackling those who carry knives.

"This involved all the teams across the three forces patrolling the trains and railway stations and surrounding areas.

"Together we were able to target those known to carry knives and of course identify any who are acting suspiciously which provided us with the grounds to conduct stop searches.

"This was a great way to work in partnership and information share so we could identify individuals. I can confirm despite a number of stop searches no knives were found."