A DRIVER who fled the scene of a crash in Hampshire left behind a clue to help police track him down - his wallet complete with driving licence.

The black BMW 220i was severely damaged when it came off the road and crashed into trees.

The accident, which happened near Bashley in the New Forest, also triggered the air bag to go off.

According to Hampshire Police road traffic officers, the driver fled the scene abandoning the wrecked car.

But when police arrived they found two wallets, including driving licences, had been left behind inside the vehicle

In a tweet the traffic police said: "Having crashed near #Bashley in the #NewForest, the driver of this BMW didn't fancy hanging around until we arrived.

"We can't think why! He was kind enough however to leave us some clues in the car #SchoolBoyError."

Details of exactly where and when the accident happened have not been released.