POLICE are warning people who beware of fraudsters trying to con them out of up to £80.

New Forest Heart Cops are urging householders to beware of an email that tells them to pay a fine of £23.24, saying it will rise to £80.96 if they fail to comply within 28 days.

A police spokesman said: "We have had several people contact us today telling us about this latest scam."

The email says: "You have to pay a fine for £23.24 for the following: the use of a vehicle on a road in the charging area which a charging scheme applies without payment of the appropriate charge, at the date and time started below Date: 05.10.2020 Time: 16:24 PM.

"If you do not respond before the end of the period of 28 days beginning with the date of service of this notice a charge certificate may be issued which would increase the penalty charge to £80.96 GBP.

"Failure to then pay the increased penalty charge may result in the outstanding balance being registered as a debt in the County Court.

"You have 14 days beginning with the date of service of this notice to pay the discounted."

Writing on social media New Forest Heart Cops say: "As you can see it is very badly written and doesn't include any car details at all and doesn't mention where the incident took place

"This is a scam. If you or a friend are contacted in this way ignore it and don't reply."

One woman replied: "Two of my friends have received this - luckily they are both on the ball. I feel for those people who have been scammed."

Another added: "I got this one yesterday. I was a little suspicious as I don't drive."