PILES of household rubbish were dumped at a New Forest beauty spot.

New Forest District Council have shared an image of fly tipping dumped at Rockford Common.

A Bournemouth resident had paid someone to take away their large amount of waste from house renovations at the end of August.

They paid the people in cash and did not ask for a receipt.

But the people paid to take the rubbish away illegally dumped it at Rockford Common.

A name and address was found among the waste and the resident was fined £300 under duty of care.

Now, the council is urging people to check waste carrier licenses before paying someone to take their waste away.

In a Tweet, a council spokesperson said: "ly tips are expensive to clear up, take staff away from other duties, are unsightly, and damaging to the local environment and wildlife.

"We found a name/address amongst the waste & the resident has been fined £300 under a duty of care (the maximum we are permitted to fine).

"We continue to investigate to identify who flytipped, but they were paid in cash, and no receipt or co-name given.

"Don’t get caught out - If you're paying someone to take your rubbish, you must check their waste carrier license and get a receipt."