WITH the demand for puppies soaring during the coronavirus pandemic and many people bringing a new four-legged friend into their homes during or just before lockdown, Dogs Trust Dog School is offering some top tips for new puppy owners to help their young dogs adjust to new experiences.

Despite Dogs Trust Dog School face-to-face training classes pausing for five months during the pandemic, the demand for classes from new puppy owners was unprecedented – with over 5,000 enquiries about training classes during lockdown.

Since August 17, classes have started to re-open, where safe to do so, and the team already have over 1,400 new dogs booked onto classes and had over 450 enquiries per week.

Gemma Whitlaw, Head Coach at Dog School Hampshire, said: "Dogs will have got used to having their favourite humans by their side day in day out during lockdown.

"Whilst many puppies will have been happy to have their human family at home during the past few months, they may need help adjusting to life when their families go back to work and school. They may also need help getting used to car travel and support with feeling comfortable seeing people in face masks."

Dogs Trust Dog School has recently resumed classes for some of its Dog Schools, with smaller classes and other safety measures in place. To see if your local Dog School has reopened visit www.dogstrust.org.uk/dog-school.

For schools that can’t reopen just yet, online one-to-one sessions or full online training courses are available.