HAMPSHIRE motorists are set to encounter roadworks and social distancing measures in towns and cities across the county over the next few days.

The task of repairing and maintaining the county's extensive road network is a never-ending process that goes on all year round, often resulting in delays and frustration.

Drivers are also having to contend with road closures caused by the need to enhance social distancing.

The biggest scheme in the area continues to be the multi-million-project to convert the M27 near Southampton, Eastleigh and Hedge End into a smart motorway.

Many of the other roadworks are in Southampton, including the following locations:

Tebourba Way - closing overnight on Tuesday October 6 (8pm to 6am) northbound between Millbrook Roundabout and Oakley Road to enable workmen to add anti-skid surface just before the junction where drivers can turn in to Superbowl.

Romsey Road junction with lower Brownhill Road - closing overnight on Thursday October 8 (8pm to 6am) to enable workmen to add anti-skid surface at junction.

Mountbatten Way - work continuing on lengthening right-hand turn into West Quay Road and creating an extra lane. Lane closure is in place on Mountbatten Way with a 30mph speed limit in place. Two lanes of traffic remain open and the right turn into West Quay Road is being maintained. Crews working 7am to 11pm each weekday.

New Forest Post:

Bevois Valley - work ongoing to increase width of shared footway, upgrade the controlled crossings, improve the bus stop and give pedestrians and cyclists priority at junctions. Temporary one-way system southbound currently in place.

Redbridge Roundabout - Highways England improvement scheme ongoing.

Elsewhere the multi-million to convert the M27 near Southampton and Hedge End into a smart motorway is continuing, with a 50mph temporary speed limit in place.

New Forest Post:

Roads affected by social distancing measures:


Lower Bannister Street, Bedford Place, Calton Place closed to vehicles.


High Street - closed to vehicles.


New Street - wider footways with temporary barriers in road.

New Milton

Old Milton Road - closed to vehicles.


Marine Parade East - temporary suspension of parking.


Great Minster Street - weekend road closure from 10am on Saturday until 11pm on Sunday.