Having stood against Julian Lewis in the last two General Elections, I obviously disagree with his policies.

However, I believe that he has been treated disgracefully by the Tory Party.

As MP for this constituency (New Forest East) for more than 22 years, he deserves to have been treated with respect.

There is no doubt, that with his experience, including a PhD in Military History and chairing of the Defence Committee, he is far more qualified to take on the role of Chair of the Intelligence Committee than Christopher Grayling.

His sacking from the Conservative Party and consequently, his now holding the position of Chair of the Intelligence Committee as an Independent MP, will hopefully, now result in the long-awaited publication of the Russia Report – investigating any influence by other countries in both the Referendum of 2016 and the General Election of 2017.

His treatment also exposes the lack of democracy in the Tory Party.

I have no doubt, that the decision to dismiss him, was made by the unelected and autocratic puppet master.

It will be interesting to see what will happen next.

Julie Hope

Secretary New Forest East Labour Party