A FORMER soldier has been jailed for 12 months after being trapped by two groups of paedophile-hunters.

Jordan Bibby, 19, thought he was chatting to under-age girls but was actually talking to adults who go online posing as children in a bid to catch offenders.

Yesterday he was sent to a Young Offender Institution for what a judge at Southampton Crown Court described as the defendant's "revolting" behaviour.

Dawn Hyland, prosecuting, said Bibby was arrested after viewing fake profiles created by the Child Online Safety Team and a similar group called Innocent Voices.

Thinking he was chatting to an 11-year-old girl he said: "I want you babe. I want to be your boyfriend."

Miss Hyland said Bibby also sent "the profile" explicit photographs of himself as well as asking for sex.

The defendant was charged and bailed but committed more offences after going online again and chatting to someone he thought was a 12-year-old girl.

During one of several video calls he performed a sexual act, the court was told.

Bibby pleaded guilty to attempting to sexually communicate with a child, attempting to cause a child to watch a sex act and attempting to meet a child after grooming her.

His address was given as the McMullen Barracks at Marchwood.

But Robin Griffiths, defending, said Bibby had lost his career in the army as a result of committing the offences in the first few months of last year.

Mr Griffiths said the "terrible misfortunes" the defendant suffered during his childhood had resulted in him leading a "very isolated form of existence".

He added: "After being recruited into the army he found what felt like a family life for the first time".

Judge Peter Henry told Bibby: "Having been arrested you went on to commit a number of other offences.

"Had it not been for your immaturity and your learning difficulties, you would have gone to prison for rather longer."