RESIDENTS are being urged to stay away from a popular Hampshire nature reserve.

It comes following reports of further anti-social behaviour at Testwood Lakes in Totton.

As temperatures soared, police were called to deal with nuisance parking and large groups of people on Thursday afternoon.

New Forest Post:

A social media post by Totton police said: "Do not go to Testwood Lakes. Officers are currently at the lakes, attempting to deal with a number of issues including anti-social behaviour and parking enforcement due to the large number of people attending, and parking wherever they please.

"We want people to enjoy the lakes as much as possible, but use your common sense. Don’t ruin it for everyone else."

Earlier in the month, there were calls to “stop trashing nature” after piles of rubbish were dumped at the beauty spot and naked swimmers were spotted dipping in the "potentially toxic lakes".

Meanwhile, scores of disposable barbecues were found strewn around the area.

Police even used a dispersal order to crack down on anti-social behaviour and break up large crowds.

Wildlife campaigners called on the public to “show some respect”.

New Forest Post:

As reported at the time, CEO of Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, Debbie Tann, said: “I’m shocked, upset and angry at what’s been going on in our nature reserves.

“Of course we want people to be outside and enjoying green spaces and we appreciate that lockdown has taken its toll, but these nature reserves are fragile places, covering just 1 per cent of our overall landscape, and they are vital to protect our most vulnerable wildlife.

New Forest Post:

“We shouldn’t have to be worrying about the safety of our staff, volunteers and the public, or clearing up after people who obviously have little thought for anyone or anything.

"As an organisation, we’ve got enough on our plate at the moment trying to look after these precious places and fighting for nature’s recovery.

“Lockdown has not meant that the emergency facing nature is on hold, wildlife is still in serious decline and it needs our help.

“I’m asking people to show some respect and stop trashing the nature that we all depend on.”