CLAIMS that 70 per cent of the Hampshire force are obese have been slammed.

Almost 70 per cent of Hampshire police officers were said to be obese or overweight.

The “astonishing revelations” came from an email sent by Chief Superintendent Lucy Hutson.

However, Hampshire police now say the figures were based on a small sample of 525 officers and staff.

And, that these people specifically asked for help with their well-being and fitness over the last two years.

The police add that 70 per cent of 525 is 367 and therefore just eight per cent of the Hampshire force.

Deputy Chief Constable Sara Glen has now launched a series of health and wellbeing initiatives.

According to Hampshire police it takes wellbeing very seriously as policing “can be incredibly challenging for officers and staff”.

Sara said: “We recently launched Frontline Fitness which is a programme spearheaded by one of our frontline officers.

“This is a facility for all Hampshire Constabulary staff who want to make any form of positive change to their health through understanding their fitness and nutrition better, it includes virtual training and exercise programmes.

“As well as supporting our officers and staff’s physical wellbeing, we offer psychological screening to identify those are in need of extra support. We absolutely acknowledge that policing is a tough vocation and we are acutely aware of our need to be proactive about the health and wellbeing.”