A HIGH ALERT fire warning is in place this weekend due to "tinder-dry conditions".

Firefighters and park authorities are pleading for the public not to start bonfires or BBQs.

Over the next nine days, there is an incredibly high risk of fire spreading out of control, according to the Met Office.

The national weather and climate service has issued an amber wildfire alert.

Firefighters say that due to tinder-dry conditions, fires are starting easily and rapidly getting out of control with wind spread.

Adding to this warning Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service has said: "We must again repeat our message, no BBQs and no bonfires. Please help us to help you."

Forestry England has said: "The New Forest is on extremely high alert for the risk of fires this weekend. If you visit us please do NOT bring a BBQ with you or light any kind of fire - these are currently not allowed anywhere on the Forest due to risk of wildfires."

Anyone who discovers a wildfire is urged to get to a safe place and then call 999.

They should tell emergency services the exact location and size of the fire.

As previously reported fire crews raced to battle a large blaze which swept through Hampshire woodlands.

Fire crews from Eastleigh, Fareham, Redbridge, Hardley and Hythe rushed to Heatherlands Road, in Chilworth on Tuesday.

Crews remained on the scene until the next day, dampening down the area to stop the wildfire spreading.