A HAMPSHIRE schoolboy was devastated when homemade bracelets being sold for charity were stolen from outside his home.

The theft stunned six-year-old Oliver Kerrigan-Harris, who had decided to help his mother Sue raise funds for the Waterside Foodbank.

But tears turned to smiles after fellow Marchwood villagers heard about the theft and vowed to restore his faith in human nature.

He has already received donations totalling more than £300 for the foodbank, which has seen a surge in demand during the Covid-19 crisis.

Sue has raised around £500 for the Blackfield-based charity by offering a free online art class where people can watch her paint in exchange for a donation.

Oliver decided to help by setting out a stall where other children could buy bracelets spelling out the message Stay Safe Stay Home.

Sue said: "He sold some of them but then at some point the other day they were stolen from outside our front door.

"I broke the sad news to the people of Marchwood on our community facebook group and aside from being very upset they've come together and donated to Oliver's fund.

"Everyone in the village wanted to show him that most people in the world are kind, thoughtful and caring.

"He's also had donations through the letterbox with a very thoughtful letter from the chairman of Marchwood Parish Council. Good will always triumph over evil."

Earlier this year Oliver raised £1,300 for a charity struggling to cope with the impact of the Australian bush fires, which killed a huge number of animals.

As reported in the Daily Echo, he made bookmarks which were sold for £2 each in aid of one of Australia's koala sanctuaries.

Describing his latest fundraising campaign Sue said: "Oliver made bracelet sets from the beads left over and put them in little bags, which were kept in quarantine for 24 hours because of coronavirus before being placed on our doorstep."

The bracelets are thought to have been taken within hours of being left out.

Sue said: "Oliver was very upset to discover they'd been stolen but I quickly showed him how wonderful everyone in Marchwood was being and his tears turned to happiness.

"We all helped him understand that the majority of people are kind and good and this has been demonstrated by the actions of the community."


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