A STORM is brewing over plans to build a drive-thru coffee shop on a Hampshire industrial estate near homes and a nature reserve.

A developer has submitted an application to transform part of the South Hampshire Industrial Park at Totton by building a Starbucks branch at the junction of Brunel Road and Eddystone Road.

Protesters say the proposed development will create extra traffic problems, increase the amount of litter in the area and encourage anti-social behaviour.

Objectors include Angus McInness, whose letter to New Forest District Council cites congestion on the industrial estate's "dangerous" roads and adds: "Encouraging more cars is madness."

New Forest Post:

Fellow critic Alison Bridge, of Farm Close, Calmore, who says: "Calmore has suffered a vast amount of criminal damage and anti-social behaviour.

"The industrial estate already attracts youngsters on motorbikes, which has a negative impact on local residents. A drive-thru will further attract those looking for a fast food or caffeine fix, causing more issues."

Her letter adds: "Totton is becoming a dumping ground for fast food outlets."

Paul Lailey, of Salisbury Road, Totton, says the site chosen by the applicant is near the entrance to the estate, which could result in more traffic being drawn to the area.

He adds: "Increased numbers of people being encouraged on to the site outside of usual working hours could also encourage anti-social behaviour."

New Forest Post:

Another Salisbury Road resident, Liz Crouch, says the litter problem at nearby Testwood Lakes nature reserve will worsen if the scheme is given the go-ahead.

Sheila Webb, of Culford Avenue, Totton, adds: "This development is not in keeping with the surrounding rural area. There is great concern about litter and the possibility of unsociable behaviour that fast food outlets inevitably attract."

But other people who have written to the council are full of praise for the scheme.

Luke Blyth, of Best Autocentres in Eddystone Road, says: "We believe this would be a great addition to the estate and would have the potential to increase business."

Susan Moore, of Stephenson Road, Totton, adds: "We occupy premises on the industrial park and have done so for the last 18 months.

"We have found local facilities very lacking with regards to coffee/lunch choices and venues. We would be happy with such a facility being available within walking distance.

"As with all such places, litter is definitely a concern but we are sure that will be a high priority for the proposed occupants."