HE WAS a kind, caring son who spent six months helping to look after his seriously ill father after he was diagnosed with cancer.

Tributes have been paid to a 21-year-old student who was found dead in bed the day after he returned home from university to spend Christmas with his family.

The 12th century All Saints Church in Fawley was packed for the funeral of football fan Aaron Wells.

Now his heartbroken parents, Tony and Lorna, have launched a £3,000 fundraising campaign to help pay his burial costs and fund a headstone.

Lorna, 44, will never forget the moment she went into Aaron’s room and realised something was seriously wrong.

Tony rushed to her aid and performed CPR on his son as well as putting him in the recovery position. An ambulance crew arrived shortly afterwards but was unable to save him.

The family are still awaiting the results of a post-mortem examination.

Aaron, who was studying at Essex University, suffered from epilepsy and may have suffered a fatal fit.

Other possibilities include sudden adult death syndrome, which often strikes people in the prime of life.

Lorna, of Roewood Road, Holbury, makes daily visits to her son’s grave at Blackfield Cemetery.

She said: “Aaron was a kind-hearted, happy-go-lucky lad who lived life to the full and never had a bad word to say about anyone. He brought so much joy to people’s lives.

“The church was packed for his funeral.

“People came down from Essex and one person even cut short his holiday so he could be there. The service was also attended by all his football friends and some of his former teachers.”

Tony, 55, was diagnosed with cancer in January last year and saw his weight plummet from 16 stone to eight.

Aaron temporarily abandoned his studies and went home for six months to help care for Tony, washing and dressing him whenever Lorna was not well enough to perform the tasks herself.

Her GoFundMe page says: “Aaron was with us all through the treatment.

“He watched his dad suffer every single day but always kept his spirits up. My husband is only in semi-remission, which made us all upset, but Aaron kept us going.”

To donate go online and visit gf.me/v/c/gfm/aaron-wells