A DATE has been set for a court case involving a charity at the centre of complaints about a "noisy" sports facility.

Solicitor Marie Sampson and her husband Martin have launched legal action against Brockenhurst Village Trust (BVT), which runs a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) beside the village hall in Highwood Road.

The couple say they are being plagued by noise and foul language and have started proceedings under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

A preliminary hearing was held at Southampton Magistrates' Court this week.

But proceedings were adjourned until February 26 when, according to the trust, a district judge will decide if the charity has a case to answer.

New Forest Post:

Mrs Sampson said: "The BVT confirmed they will not lock the site to prevent after-hours use, will not consider reducing opening hours, despite the noise levels to bedrooms breaching World Health Organisation standards, and will refuse to consider further measures to address swearing which is clearly audible to our children in their home and garden.

"Twice last week our son was prevented from enjoying the garden due to foul language."

Mrs Sampson said this week's hearing was adjourned because the barrister representing the BVT, paid for under its insurance, raised a technical argument.

She added: "The adjournment provides another opportunity for the parties to find a solution. I am hopeful an agreement can be reached."

New Forest Post:

A BVT spokesman added: "Brockenhurst Village Trust, continues to monitor the MUGA, as does the user group. There have been no complaints in the last week.

"Despite our attempts to find an amicable solution the complainant is still pursuing the court case. As such we do not consider it appropriate to comment further on this matter."

Details of the legal action emerged last October, when Mrs Sampson complained that the MUGA was being used at night by people taking drugs, drinking alcohol and using obscene language.

She added: "We have audio evidence of the MUGA being used after the stated closing hour 93 times since we started taking a log in May 2018."

Speaking at the time a BVT member said: "Every complaint is investigated but we have never found any evidence of drug use or alcohol consumption by people using the MUGA.

"Although there have been half a dozen occasions in the past 18 months when young people were on the MUGA after closing time this is not a regular occurrence."