THERE HAVE been many letters written regarding friction between motorists and cyclists and I have always tried to keep a balanced view and appreciated both sides of the argument.

However, after an incident which occurred this morning this balanced view has been tipped against the cyclist.

Whilst out walking my dog along Calmore Road in Totton, I needed to cross over the road at Water Lane to continue walking along Calmore Road.

There was nothing coming out of Water Lane or turning into the road from the opposite direction. I therefore proceeded to cross the road and had got into the middle when there was a screech of brakes and a cyclist stopping abruptly in front of me turning in from the right hand side of the road.

I said nothing but feel my facial expression probably conveyed what I thought.

As I continued on my way and the cyclist had turned into Water Lane he then shouted at me that I needed to learn to cross the road.

I told him that pedestrians do have certain rights to which he told me that this is a road! If a cyclist has been crossing the road and a car had continued to manoeuvre into his path from the right before screeching to a halt, the cycling fraternity would be up in arms.

Taking into account that I was already halfway across the road before he was turning into my path suggests to me that he had absolutely no awareness or regard for anyone else on the road but himself.

Unfortunately, it is people like him who give other cyclists a bad name. I wonder if he would have given the same response if the pedestrian had been a 6ft something male as opposed to a 5ft female on her own. I somehow think not. I feel that there should be some sort of compulsory testing for cyclists to ensure that they are proficient and safe road users not only for themselves but for everyone who are equally entitled to use our roads.

Note to readers- just because they look the part in all their cycling gear doesn’t automatically mean they are competent road users.

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