HE IS the Hampshire dad who suffered horrific injuries and almost died after falling on to an electrified railway line near his home.

Chris Dos Santos was attempting to cross the track which runs through the centre of Totton when accidentally stepped on the “third rail” and suffered a massive electric shock.

His three friends ignored the risk to their own safety and managed to drag the 29-year-old landscape gardener off the track,.

Chris, who suffered severe burns to various parts of his body, including his legs, was unable to walk for several months.

Now he has joined forces with the Saints Foundation in a bid to prevent anyone else going through the same ordeal.

New Forest Post:

Chris stages rail safety workshops for the Saints Kicks project, which helps people aged 8-19 play football and learn life skills.

Robert Pearce, Saints Foundation’s involvement manager, said: “We are really grateful to Chris for sharing his story with our participants.

“It has given them a new understanding of the dangers of our railways and I feel they have all learned something.

“Chris has been open and honest about his story and it is a real testament to his strength and courage that he is able to help others now.”

Chris had been on a day out and was taking a short cut when he stepped on the live rail and received a 750-volt shock.

The number of incidents involving alcohol on Britain's rail network has risen from 7,070 in 2010-11 to 9,378 in 2018-19, a 33% increase which Network Rail says is a "major concern".

It has recently launched a poster campaign urging people partying over the festive period not to have "next day regrets".

New Forest Post:

The Christmas and New Year period tends to see a spike in the number of slips and trips on platforms, plus trespass incidents on the tracks.

Accidents and other occurrences are said to have caused 4,300 hours of delays across the country last year.

Kevin Groves of Network Rail, said: ""If somebody stumbles off a platform in front of a train, we're going to have to shut that line down and that's going to delay hundreds of trains and tens of thousands of people."

British Transport Police (BTP) stepped up patrols at key stations ahead of the New Year celebrations.

BTP Inspector Becky Warren says: "We've seen first-hand that alcohol can really affect your judgement and after a few drinks people often take greater risks, which can lead to people getting hurt or even killed."

Chris, now 33, is still living with the injuries he sustained.

He said: “Don’t ever take the shortcut. Mine was a longcut. It took me four months to get home and my life’s never been the same since.”

Speaking to the Daily Echo a year after his accident Chris said: "If I could go back to that night, I would never have walked along the railway. People should understand how dangerous it is.

"No matter how many drinks you’ve had, making the wrong decision can leave you with consequences that you have to live with for the rest of your life.

"If my story can make just one person more aware of the dangers, then it’s worth sharing.”