FIRE crews rushed to a Test Valley village to rescue a huge horse who got stuck in a ditch.

The thoroughbred, 29-year-old Millie, was stuck in East Wellow but firefighters managed to get her back on her feet after using a rollover technique.

The rescue took place on Hackley's Lane, East Wellow.

A Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service (HFRS) spokesman said: "Under the supervision of Endell Vet Group, Millie was sedated whilst the plan was formulated and carried out.

"She was successfully assisted to her feet and left in the care of her owner, who has reported that Millie suffered no injuries and is walking well."

HFRS crews from Lyndhurst, Romsey, Brockenhurst, and Animal Rescue Advisor Jim Green attended.

It took place on Boxing Day at 7.18am and Millie was rescued by 9.43am.

Jim Green, animal rescue specialist for HFRS, said: "The first thing to do is not to put yourself at risk.

"When a horse is trapped, they will use their natural instinct and see you as a threat and it will try to rescue itself.

"When it realises it can't, the animal will settle down."

He said when you see an animal stuck, you should call the appropriate service, in this case, the fire service.

Jim added: "If it is your animal, you should also call your vet as the owner did on Boxing Day.

"Don't take a risk to save it and be very careful."

He said HFRS rescue 80 large animals every year and they can encounter animals in any part of their job; fires, car crashes and callouts.

This comes as a horse called Billy that was rescued by firefighters after getting stuck in the mud in Burgate died.