WITH looks of pure unadulterated joy on their faces, my two young daughters danced in the snow in their hats and gloves to the sounds of Frosty the Snowman by The Ronettes.

Five-year-old Poppy and Alice, who is nearly two, couldn't believe their luck at one of three festive singalongs with Frosty on 'Snow Street' as the popular Show Street attraction becomes three times a day during the festive season.

The snowman and friends partake in a festive singalong with hundreds of guests while fake snow blasts out into the crowd.

Christmas is a magical time of year at Paultons Park.

Santa's Grotto is open for business and it's a delight.

The whole family were still giggling about the elf name they had been given on a board at the entrance when the girls, also known as Tipsy McJingles and Bubbles Plum Pants, gasped at the start of the magical walk through to the grotto.

Adorable animated characters, including Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, penguins, snow leopards, polar bears and woodland creatures, greet you as you make your way through a magical snowcapped Forest. Then it's through to the toy workshop to see how the elves are getting on with their important work of making and wrapping all the toys for all the good girls and boys before a meeting with the big man himself.

Father Christmas took time to chat to both of the children, posed for a photograph, checked we were all on his nice list (it was touch and go for me!) and promised to 'try his best' to gift Saints three points that evening, although he didn't deal in 'miracles'! Thankfully he did us proud against Watford!

Visitors then go through to a separate marquee to collect gifts from Santa from one of this team of elves. They were a Who's Who? game (think that classic guessing game Guess Who? without the branding) for Poppy and a bathtime fishing game where you use a fishing rod to hook various sea creatures out of the bath for Alice.

A spectacular musical Christmas tree of particularly impressive stature stands in the entrance plaza and performs a festive song and light show every 15 minutes.

The 4D cinema is showing festive treats and the whole Park is beautifully decorated.

There's Christmas shopping aplenty in the various gift shops and plenty of festive fare to try in the Park's selection of restaurants.

A host of rides and attractions, including Peppa Pig World and Lost Kingdom, are open.

And, best of all, at such a quiet time of year there's very little queuing for anything, even in the very popular Peppa Pig World section.

So I now know what it's like to ride on the Cat-o-pillar five times in a row, spent a significant amount of time riding on Grandpa's Little Train, braved the Flight of the Pterosaur with no time to mull over the consequences in the queue and was so close to Peppa Pig and George Pig that I could join in with their rendition of the Bing Bong Christmas Song.

It was a wonderful way to spend a family day in the run up to Christmas.

My husband and I, or Pinky Twinkle Bottom and Sunny Twinkle Toes as we are now known, were just as exhausted as the kids at the end of it.

The fun continues with an extra special late night opening until 7pm on Friday December 20, which is the last day of school for most local schools. Experience the magic of the park in the dark with twinkling lights and illuminations from 12 midday.

Tickets to meet Father Christmas as part of Paultons at Christmas can be pre-ordered from paultonspark.co.uk/christmas