IT’S the Hampshire school which is introducing pupils to a raft of new learning experiences.

Waterside Primary School is supplementing the core curriculum in a way which enables children to take part in activities they may not have had the chance to sample previously

Staff at the school in Ashford Crescent, Hythe, are determined to provide the best outcome for pupils by ensuring they receive an all-round education.

They recognise the role IT plays in modern life but encourage children to put their tablets down and gain first-hand experience of music, sport and dance.

Facilities include a new library and a tree-lined haven where children can study nature.

Head teacher Emma Moakes said: “We have incredible staff who are helping pupils produce high quality work in art, design and technology as well as the humanities. It’s about opening up a world of opportunities.”

Teachers have found the approach aids children’s wellbeing and mental health.

The school’s website says: “We believe all children should take part in a curriculum that is both exciting and engaging. Every child should be encouraged to reach their maximum potential whilst learning in an interactive way.”

Waterside Primary, which has 186 pupils, was rated “good” by Ofsted following its latest inspection.

Mrs Moakes said: “People have a huge affection for the school. Many come back, either to do work experience or to bring their own children.”

She added: "Waterside Primary School is a special place and I am incredibly proud of the experiences we offer our pupils whilst they are with us.

"As a school, we pride ourselves on the relationships we build with children and their families. These relationships are the very foundation upon which we can grow young learners.

"I have a strong, committed staff, who work incredibly hard to really get to know the children so they can fully support and challenge them socially, emotionally and academically.

"We want our pupils to leave primary school with the confidence, resilience, knowledge and skills required to excel at secondary school but we also aim to equip them for life in a turbulent and complex world.

"Like many other schools, we are currently taking a good long look at our curriculum, reshaping it, ensuring it meets the needs of all Waterside children.

"We want to ensure they have opportunities to think like scientists, artists, historians and mathematicians, to be creative, adventurous and imaginative, using language, art and music to express themselves.

"We want to provide children with rich experiences and to open their eyes to the world around them.

"We have created indoor and outdoor learning environments that support our curriculum and that are stimulating, safe places for exploration and collaborative learning.

"At Waterside, we want to make learning irresistible, memorable and fun and staff are committed to creating a curriculum that does all these things."