A MAN who put a knife to his girlfriend’s throat and threatened to cut off her head during a “terrifying” attack has been jailed.

Samuel Charleton also held his victim’s arm over a naked flame in a bid to burn her during the incident at her New Forest home.

She wept as details of the attack were read out during the sentencing of her now ex-partner, who was jailed for 32 months.

Southampton Crown Court heard how the incident took place at the woman’s home in Lymington on March 28.

The court heard the pair had rekindled a relationship earlier this year after previously splitting up more than five years ago.

The court also heard how the victim was also “caring” for Charleton, who suffered from mental health issues.

But on March 28, the court heard Charleton burst into her home and grabbed a knife, which he put to his throat.

The 26-year-old later turned the knife on his girlfriend, causing a small cut, before threatening to cut off her head, the court was told.

Charleton also took the woman’s arm and held it over a burning hob.

In mitigation, barrister Tim Moores said Charleton, who was adopted as a baby, had suffered from long-term mental health issues.

He said Charleton also had a history of alcohol and substance misuse, beginning aged 10 with solvent abuse and later hard drugs.

Mr Moores said the incident was likely a result of a “psychotic” episode.

The court also heard from Charleton’s adoptive mother, a respected psychotherapist, who pleaded with judge Nicholas Rowland to suspend any prison sentence.

However, judge Rowland said he was unable to suspend the sentence of Charleton, who pleaded guilty to one count of making threats to kill and two counts of battery.

He said: “You held a knife to her throat. She must have been terrified.”

Charleton, of no fixed address, was also made subject of a five year restraining order, to protect his victim.