FAWLEY Cricket Club is counting the cost of more vandalism.

Hooligans have targeted the club in the latest in a series of incidents at the ground, which is opposite Fawley refinery.

The club has tweeted: "We had further vandalism at our ground in Holbury on Monday night.

"A 101 call was made by a concerned neighbour but no sign of any police that I am aware of.

"Mindless vandalism is a major issue impacting many across the Waterside. We have repeatedly been victims."

The club is based at the Waterside Sports and Social Club in Long Lane, Holbury.

It was formed in 1936 as the sports and social club for Fawley refinery but has operated independently since 2000.

The club provides sporting activity for adults as well as children aged seven and older.

The Fawley area has seen a spate of vandalism in the past few months.

As reported in the Daily Echo, teenage hooligans recently sparked outrage by destroying a Silent Soldier unveiled in memory of men killed during the First World War.

They targeted the Gang Warily community centre at 3am and ripped the memorial out of the ground before smashing it to pieces.

More than 100 people took to social media to voice their anger and disgust at the destruction of the memorial, which honoured men killed in the 1914-18 conflict.