WASTE which is thought to have come from a cannabis factory has been found dumped on a New Forest cricket pitch.

Contractors from Forestry England (FE) responded to an incident on Sunday, to a haul of cuttings from cannabis plants.

They were found, alongside heaters, fans and radiators at Bartley Cricket Club‘s ground in Bartley Road near Netley Marsh.

Using equipment and following safety procedures, the team laboured for several hours clearing the waste from the site which amounted to 40 large bags.

According to FE, the incident demonstrated a lack of respect that people have for the forest, its residents and wildlife.

Forestry England and the local authority investigate fly-tips incidents in an attempt to trace them back to the offenders.

It warns that any evidence found during clean-ups is also shared with the police.

Anyone with information about the waste is urged to contact FE’s office on 0300 067 4601.