POLICE have revealed that 17 motorists were seen speeding on the same stretch of road in just one hour.

Roger Penny Way is one of the worst routes in the New Forest for animal accidents - but drivers are continuing to flout the 40mph limit.

A series of speed checks have been carried out on the route in a bid to encourage motorists to obey the law.

Last night New Forest Cops tweeted: "Seventeen motorists were seen speeding on Roger Penny Way this morning by the New Forest Roads Campaign and the Speedwatch team - and that was in just one hour."

Drivers were also seen flouting the 30mph limit at Palace Lane, Beaulieu.

In a separate tweet police said 21 motorists were recorded travelling at more than 35mph in less than an hour.

They added: "Two vehicles were doing 41mph. Please always keep to the speed limit."

A New Forest Roads Campaign spokesman said: "Please understand that when we say stick to the speed limit it’s for your safety too.

"You risk not being able to stop in time if an animal runs out into oncoming traffic.

"Animals are on the roads day and night. Please slow down. Pass wide and slow."