AMONG the plans submitted to the New Forest National Park Authority and New Forest District Council are:


19/00396 - Application to vary Condition 15 of Planning Permission 15/00351 for two dwellings; garages; restoration of site to meadow/pasture land; reinstatement of river bank (demolition of existing dwelling and accommodation block, poly tunnels, roads, yards, structures and buildings) to allow minor material amendments by re-siting of the dwellings and revised designs - Land at former Lees and Co Nursery, Main Road, Portmore.


19/00395 - Change of use of part of existing building to dwelling - Tanglewood Stables, Balmer Lawn Road.

19/00398 - First floor extensions; two rooflights to facilitate additional second floor habitable accommodation; external chimney - Forest Grove, Armstrong Road.


19/00344 - Two-storey extension (demolition of existing lean-to) - Greenlands, Southfield Lawn.


19/10540 - Use of garage as ancillary living (Lawful Development Certificate that permission is not required for the proposal) - 6 Saxon Road, Blackfield.

19/10637 - Rear conservatory - Rozel, 223 New Road, Blackfield.

18/00976 - Replacement dwelling and outbuilding (demolition of existing) (amended plans) - Windwards, Elmfield Lane, Calshot.


19/10491 - Single-storey side and rear extension - 20 Elmwood Avenue.


19/00384 - Single-storey rear extension; alterations to fenestration; flue - Avon House, 11 Dodgson Close, Woodgreen.


19/10641 - Roof alterations in association with new first floor; two-storey rear extension; front porch; flue - 5 Dudley Avenue.

19/10653 - Single-storey side and rear extensions (Lawful Development Certificate that permission is not required for the proposal) - Wild Wood, Ashley Lane.


19/10644 - Two-storey side extension - 17 Deerleap Way, Hythe.

19/10650 - Tractor shed and gates - Hythe and Dibden Parish Council works depot, Frost Lane, Hythe.


19/00373 - Single-storey extensions to existing office building; refurbishment of existing workshop building to include rooflights, cladding, render; alterations to windows; covered walkway; one additional car parking space - Normansland Garage, Forest Road, Nomansland.

19/00394 - Retention and completion of installation of stock-proof fencing - Land off Southampton Road (A36).


19/10627 - Single-storey and two-storey front extension; first floor side extension; single-storey tear extension; porch - 10 Bingham Drive, Lymington.


19/10574 - Single-storey rear extension (Lawful Development Certificate that permission is not required for the proposal) - 23 The Rowans.


19/00397 - Display two internally illuminated fascia signs (Application for Advertisement Consent) - Petrol station, Ringwood Road, Stoney Cross.


19/00390 - Application to vary Conditions 2 and 11 of Planning Permission 19/00008 for change of use of existing barn to mixed use; extension to existing barn to form office facilities (use class B1); cladding; replacement shop and store (use class A1) to allow minor material amendments - Golden Meadow, Romsey Road, Ower.


19/10584 - Roof alterations and raise ridge height in association with new first floor chimney - 21 The Fallows, Ashley.

19/10598 - Rear conservatory - 20 Manor Road.

19/10603 - Outbuilding (Lawful Development Certificate that permission is not required for the proposal) - 4 Mitchell Close, Barton on Sea.

19/10648 - First floor side extension - 10 Fawn Gardens.

19/10652 - Single-storey front extension; use garage as living accommodation - 14 Pine Close, Barton on Sea.

19/00403 - Retention and completion of extension to existing building; replacement cladding and roof alterations to two existing stables - Land opposite Arreton, South Drive, Ossemsley.


19/00375 - Single-storey extension; pitched roof to existing single-storey rear extension; carport/store building; pitched roof and cladding to existing flat roof garage; associated landscaping - Hill House, Kiln Lane.


19/10612 - Dwelling; detached garage; parking and landscaping - Land adjacent Willow Nook, Parkers Close.

19/10626 - Detached outbuilding - High Corner, Christchurch Road, Kingston.

19/10640 - House - Land adjacent to 10 Coniston Road.

19/10643 - Single-storey rear extension - 77 Wessex Estate.


19/10634 - Two-storey side extension - 5 Kent Gardens, Totton.


19/00417 - Application to remove Condition 1 of Planning Permission 17/00360 (retention and replacement dwelling and outbuilding as built (revised scheme to 07/91709 and 08/92800 to allow Class A, C, D and E permitted development rights) - Pine Lake, Crawley hill, West Wellow.