A WOMAN who wanted to end her life has admitted breaking into a New Forest pharmacy and taking an overdose.

Victoria Peters, 29, used a brick to smash her way in the Boots store in Lymington, where she stole dozens of Diazepam tablets.

After police arrived, Peters was taken to hospital, where she was treated for an overdose. She was later charged with burglary.

Southampton Magistrates’ Court was told how Peters, who pleaded guilty to theft, broke into the St Thomas Street store by smashing a glass panel in the door at around 1.30am on April 9.

Prosecutor David Finney said: “When police arrived, they found the defendant inside the shop, having taken the Diazepam tablets.

“She told police in interview that had taken heroin and crack cocaine throughout the day.

“She said she wanted to end her life because she was fed up of being a drug addict.”

In mitigation, Nicola Attwood said her actions were not a “cry for help” but a genuine suicide attempt.

She said: “For a young lady with a petite frame such as hers and the amount of pills she took it is a surprise that she is still here.”

She added that since the incident, Peters had kicked her heroin and crack cocaine addiction – which had plagued her for several years.

Peters also admitted another theft of two bottles of wine from a store in Lymington and breaching a conditional discharge.

Peters, of Lower Buckland Road, Lymington, is due to be sentenced next month.