A MAN suffering from dementia may have his birthday dream come true.

Kevin Haywood will be 60 this summer and would like nothing more than to take a ride in a classic Mini.

The former welder has suffered from dementia for the last four years meaning he can no longer enjoy the things he used to do.

According to daughter Charlotte, this makes buying gifts a particular challenge. To celebrate Kevin’s 60th birthday on June 18, she hopes to do something special for her dad, who she describes as a much-loved person.

Her dad has had a life long passion for music, fashion and Modculture but most of all Mini cars.

The grandad of four is a massive Saints fan and a “big family man.”

Kevin bought a blue mini when he was just a teenager,.

Together with his wife and childhood sweetheart, Sue, they even travelled on their honeymoon in it.

Charlotte came up with the idea to make an appeal for help on Facebook.

In an online post, she said “There’s not a lot of things I can do with my dad and not a lot of things I can buy for him that he will enjoy. I am looking for someone, anyone with a classic Mini to take my dad out for a spin in it.”

So far, Charlotte has been “overwhelmed” by responses to her post which has since been shared hundreds of times and prompting her to set up a Facebook group.

She said she has been contacted by a man from Oxford who owns a fleet of 10 Minis and would be happy to give Kevin a ride in one of them.

Charlotte said: “I need to get him into a mini, it would mean the world to him and I want him to be happy.”

The original Mini was launched in 1959, making 2019 the car’s 60th anniversary.