THEY are on the crest of a wave following the success of an £80,000 fundraising campaign launched to keep other waves at bay.

Hythe Sea Scouts have finally netted all the money they need to prevent their waterfront headquarters from being destroyed by tidal surges, rising sea levels and the wash from passing ships.

Their clubhouse in Shore Road, Hythe, was found to be in danger of toppling into Southampton Water.

In 2016 they embarked on a mission to raise tens of thousands of pounds to eliminate the danger created by climate change and coastal erosion.

New Forest Post:

Chris Godfrey, chairman of the fundraising committee, said: “We’ve finally done it - we’ve raised the £80,000 needed to complete the foreshore protection works.”

Thanking everyone in the community who had helped them reach their target he added: “We are truly overwhelmed.”

The Scouts started to build new defences last summer, spending more than £40,000 on measures which included installing a wooden barrier known as a reinforced revetment.

Chris said: “Now we have the necessary funds we are putting plans in place to complete phase two.

“This will involve putting large rocks or boulders in front of the revetment to break up the powerful action of the waves.

“We are also reviewing the sea defences protecting other areas of our site. These were installed 25 years ago and need to be revamped.”

ExxonMobil, owners of nearby Fawley refinery, contributed a total of £9,250. The latest donation of £3,000 enabled the Scouts to hit their target.

Chris said: “Without the donation from Fawley we wouldn’t have been able to reach our total as soon as we did.

“The overall figure was incredibly daunting so for ExxonMobil to have helped with more than ten per cent of the amount needed has been a huge boost.”

New Forest Post:

Refinery manager Simon Downing was invited to the Scouts’ base to view the work already carried out and learn about their future plans.

He said: “It’s incredibly important that young people get opportunities to try new activities. We are fortunate to live in a wonderful part of the world, so to see youngsters outside enjoying nature’s elements is fantastic.

“The practical and social skills they learn by being part of a group like the Sea Scouts will be of benefit to them all their lives.

“We were very pleased to have played our part in helping ensure the survival of the base.”