A SPATE of burglaries has taken place in the New Forest.

Police have been made aware of six incidents, all of which happened overnight between the dates of February 5 and February 11.

The incidents happened in Chapel Lane, Coombe Lane and Pitmore Lane, all Sway, and Southampton Road, Boldre, Brook Hill, Norleywood, and Mount Pleasant Lane, Lymington.

They all occurred in residential premises and outbuildings, including industrial units.

A spokesperson for Hampshire police said: "Police have been made aware of a series of residential premises and outbuildings including industrial units that have been the unfortunate victims of a burglary in recent days.

"We are interested in any information that might assist with our investigations for the following incidents, did you see or hear anything out of the ordinary?

"If the answer is yes, please call 101."

They have also issued advice to homeowners.

The advice states: "Please ensure that your property is kept locked and secure at all times.

"If you are away from your property for a long period it is a good idea to get a neighbour to keep an eye on your property until your return.

"Please put valuables away in a safe place, this includes car keys, money and jewellery.

"Don't leave valuables on show near doors or windows."