POLICE have stepped up the campaign against motorcycle gangs making lives a misery.

It comes after hundreds of residents in Calmore told officers that they’d had enough of the bikers blighting their community.

During public meeting the residents said the motorcyclists were revving their engines and riding on footpaths in the early hours of the morning, which had kept residents awake.

Now police have launched a crackdown and, during one operation on the Calmore Industrial Estate, officers seized three motorbikes and issued two safety warnings

A police post on Twitter said: “Three motorbikes have been seized on Calmore Industrial Estate for various offences, with a further two to be given Section 59 warnings.

“Riders are to be reported to court for their troubles.”

A section 59 warning allows police to give road users a warning if they are using their vehicle in a way that could cause alarm distress or annoyance.

The police also used the hashtags #youtolduswelistened and #wedomorethanyouthink to accompany the tweet, in response to residents who claimed the police weren’t doing all they could be.

The action was welcomed by residents who told officers that they were capturing the riders on video in bid to get them stopped.

Totton councillor Neville Penman, pictured, who organised the meeting, said: “That is fantastic news.

“I’m really pleased.

“After the crime meeting there was some concerns, but to get the result is really good news.

“This will show residents that the police are doing something, and that the problem will get solved.”