A STOLEN life-sized pig silhouette being used to raise awareness of animal accidents in the New Forest has been found.

The 3ft-long symbol was found in Ipley by New Forest Commoners this afternoon.

The pig was taken the day it went on display as part of a campaign to reduce the number of animals killed or injured on Forest roads at Gang Warily Recreation Centre in Blackfield.

The silhouette was due to spend two weeks at Gang Warily before being moved to Lyndhurst.

The pig was found three miles from its original location in Ipley.

The animal symbols are part of a New Forest campaign which includes warning signs and a police speed camera van, which is out day and night, aiming to protect the free-roaming livestock in the Forest.

The silhouettes highlight the number of animals deaths in 2017 caused by vehicles and are being displayed in towns and villages across the district.

All the free-roaming animals in the district are owned by people known as commoners - villagers with the right to let their livestock graze the landscape.