A CONVERSATION on death, dying and funerals will be taking place this week, promised by organisers to be "everything but grave".

Tomorrow (October 25), guests are invited to the Forest to join discussions on the big questions surrounding death.

Launched by the Church of England, the event will begin in St Boniface Church, Woodgreen at 10.30am, with cake and coffee on offer throughout the morning.

Associate Priest Nicky Davies said the event will have a "relaxing atmosphere" with "a lot of helpful sharing of ideas", adding: “We have held a few of these cafe spaces and although there was some resistance to the idea at the start, we now do it once a year and have found it has really helped people to think about death and dying in a helpful way.

"For example, I know people have written down their wishes and this has been a huge help to relatives planning funerals."

Conversation cards will be placed on tables to prompt and assist discussion.

Nicky added: “This is just another way that we as Priests working in our local communities want to help people to deal with the big events in life that we all face.”