THEY gathered to remember a young Hampshire mum who enriched the lives of everyone who knew her.

On the tenth anniversary of her murder, friends and relatives of Southampton optician Hollie Green attended a memorial service at her grave in the city’s Hollybrook Cemetery.

Some of the children at the service were not even born when the 21-year-old was strangled on August 31 2008.

Hollie, pictured, was attacked at her home by ex-boyfriend Daniel Gibbons, a former Totton and Eling footballer, who was later jailed for life after being convicted of her murder.

Many of the people arriving for the service were carrying pink and blue balloons, some of which were in the shape of the letters H and G. Others were decorated with pictures of Hollie herself.

A multi-coloured balloon attached to the cross on her headstone had the words “Missing You” written on the side.

Those attending the service included her parents, Teresa and Steven, who were joined by her six brothers and sisters and her nine nephews and nieces.

One person unable to be there was her daughter, Ellie-May, now 12, who is living with her aunt in the US.

Teresa, 59, of Lordshill, said: “It’s the tenth anniversary of her passing and I thought it would be a nice tribute to Hollie.

“I became quite emotional when I arrived at the cemetery and saw how many people had turned up for the service. She was very popular.”

Teresa described her daughter as “inspirational”, adding: “She studied so hard and was an optician by the time she was 21. She was also sporty and very keen on drama - everything she did she did well.

“I think of her very day and wonder what she would be doing now if she were still alive.”

One of the handwritten notes left on her grave during the service said: “To the bestest friend there ever was. I miss you more than you will ever know - all day every day.”

As the balloons were released many of the mourners embraced each other and wiped away a tear.

After the service Teresa handed out candles inscribed with the dates of her daughter’s birth and death.

Hollie was killed after Gibbons confronted her at her home at Taranto Road in Lordswood.

The jury at his trial heard that she had sent him a text telling him to leave her alone following the end of their relationship. Gibbons admitted manslaughter but was found guilty of murder.

Judge Guy Boney sentenced him to a minimum of 13 years behind bars.

He told him: “You took her life, ruined your own and wrecked the life of your daughter by depriving her of being brought up by her parents.”