SPECTACULAR displays, fabulous hats - and fans to keep everyone cool.

Those were the stand-out features of this year's New Forest Show, as day one got underway.

Animal handlers this year were advised not to keep their steeds outside for extended periods of time.

With this summer’s heat wave continuing, breeds were kept cool with extra water and while fans were set up around the pens to keep handlers and animals cool.

Bovine breeder Bonnnie Chivers said: “The vets have advised us not to keep the animals outside for too long in the grand parade this afternoon.”

Sway farmer Steve Blomfield has been keeping his massive 1200 kilo Simmental cows cool with fans and extra water. The cows usually drink around 120litres a day. Mr Blomfield said: “You can’t give them too much, you’ve got to give them little and often.”

But organisers at this year’s show have installed extra taps in all the food courts so that visitors have plenty of cold fresh water on tap.

Sam Dovey, rings committee official said: "We are asking everybody to act with due care.

"But they are outside animals and we are more concerned with making sure everybody stays hydrated. We have all the vets on site. They are keeping an eye on them and we have very good communications with them."