A YOUNG driver who killed a man after overtaking six cars while speeding outside Lyndhurst said he "really felt like a killer".

David Lamb was given a three-year jail term after causing the death of 82-year-old John Richardson on the A35 in September 2015.

Lamb, driving a Honda Civic, was 'caning it' down the road and overtook six cars before swerving to avoid an oncoming Ford Galaxy.

In doing so, he hit a Honda Jazz in front, forcing it into the path of the Galaxy, killing front-seat passenger Mr Richardson.


Now, in a bid to repent after his time behind bars, he has issued a plea to other drivers after he used to "race around", and "think nothing of driving up to 100 miles-per-hour".

He said: "Overtaking such a large number of cars at speed, it's something I felt very comfortable doing.

"I saw this car coming the other way so I applied the brakes and went to steer towards the gap, and I wasn't slowing down.

"I was trying everything to get my speed down...but before I knew it I had locked up my wheels and I was sliding towards this Honda Jazz.

"I could see the Honda Jazz up against a tree. It was just white inside. The guilt I have for killing Mr Richardson had me in such a bad way, I honestly thought I was going to feel that way forever.

"The smallest, silliest little decision can have such massive life changes, you know when you least expect it as well, it will change your life forever, and other people's."

The comments come as David supports Hampshire Constabulary's campaign to reduce speeding.

Mr Richardson suffered life-threatening injuries after the crash, and died from those injuries three months later at Southampton General Hospital.

Sergeant Rob Heard said: "This has been a very sad case for all of those involved and we are very grateful that through restorative justice, Mr Richardson's family and David, were happy to have this case shared.

"We want people to be able to understand and relate to the fact that these are the real consequences, it could very easily happen to you."