FIREFIGHTERS are being verbally abused for asking drivers to move their vehicles away from the entrance to a fire station in the New Forest.

Despite yellow hatch markings outside Fordingbridge Fire Station asking drivers to keep the entrance clear, people are continuing to ignore them.

During an incident on April 3, a motorist had parked on the markings to take a phone call and became verbally abusive when asked to move by a crew member.

Pete White, watch manager at Fordingbridge Fire Station, said: “Twice this year people have been really rude. We shouldn’t have to be spoken to like that.”

“We received a fire call to a van stuck in a ford, as we were about to pull out there was someone sat on the phone. It all causes a delay.”

“The final straw is when you get sworn at.”

“A member of the crew tried to get someone to move and got a load of verbal abuse.”

The station has even taken to posting pictures on social media of cars parked outside in a bid to highlight the ongoing issue.

Mr White said on one occasion there were three cars parked outside the station at the same time.

“I know people shouldn’t be talking on their phones while driving, which is admirable, but they shouldn’t be parking somewhere where there are restrictions.”

“We’re on an on-call fire station, it’s an issue for us getting out but also for people coming in.”

Unfortunately, Fordingbridge Fire Station is not alone in experiencing issues with parking. Other fire stations across Hampshire have posted pictures and incidents on social media using the hashtag #INeedMySpace.

“It’s problematic in Fordingbridge but also right across Hampshire.”

“The other aspect is cars blocking the road. It’s twofold, don’t block us in and give us enough space.”

He added: “If it was on the other foot and the 999 call was for them, they’d be shouting about it.”

“We can’t put a barrier up or gates. It’s not an additional car park.”